Marvel’s Midnight Suns already has a gameplay trailer, but also strategy and cards, causing disappointment for some reason

The first trailer arrives gameplay from Marvel’s Midnight Suns, one of the most prominent games announced during Gamescom 2021, by IGN. As expected, Firaxis he will not bet on action in this title: honoring his legacy, it will rather be a matter of strategy.

Card strategy, I mean. A news that seems to have settled like a jug of cold water on social networks. For those with a real interest in this genre, however, the matter could hardly look better: it has a combat XCOM-style with endless possibilities (you can throw baddies off the map, for example) unlockable abilities and a strong sense of narrative.

For example, our protagonist – the first customizable hero in Marvel history – can become intimate with other characters to learn their background, make friends and unlock new capabilities. Many of the latter can be combined with each other in combat, offering the naked eye all kinds of viable equipment and strategies.

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En Midnight Suns, Marvel da su darker face. Numerous heroes of the comic book publisher such as Captain America, Ghost Rider, Wolverine or Captain Marvel join forces to form the last line of defense of the Earth against what are effectively demons commanded by mother Lilith.