Action, pirouettes and great graphics: this Chinese game surprises and many already compare it to Ghost of Tsushima

Lately we are seeing how the chinese industry of videogames is booming and is opening up to the world, like the rest of the country. There are several games that we are pending in the Chinese market and now we bring you another that looks very good. “Swordman: La leyenda de Xie Yun Liu“According to what we have been able to translate, he has presented new gameplay trailer.

The game has only been presented in China and, between translators and the help from other fans, we have been able to deduce that the new game is called that way, although it has no name in english at the moment, like has pointed well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad. The game is a Action RPG and it looks like a spin-off of JX Online, a game from the same studio, Seasun.

The game uses the new studio engine and it is confirmed for consoles and PC, although apparently it was released years ago and has been undergoing changes. The gameplay is spectacular, not only because of the graphics, but also for its playability: there is a lot of interaction with the environment and we can do pirouettes such as climbing trees or launching ourselves flying against enemies.

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No release date for the game and we do not know if it will ever come out in our territory, but some players already compare it to Ghost of Tsushima from PlayStation in Chinese version. It is true that some elements are reminiscent of the game of Sucker Punch, like combat and mobility, but especially as the gameplay progresses and the world opens up more.