Playing Star Fox on PC will be possible thanks to the fans, if Nintendo wants it: it will be free and it already has a new video

Nintendo It has given us very good games, but of course, it never makes any port to PC, which many titles that are enjoyable on its platforms have not come true on a monitor. However, the imagination of the modders goes further and they have wanted to make the dream of some fans possible. The third-person shooter where you control a spaceship called Star Fox, can be played on PC thanks to a free and independent project called Star Fox: Event Horizon, and you already have a new video.

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Star Fox: Event Horizon will use the Freespace Open Engine, a source code that maintains and improves the game engine for simulating space combat. Likewise, this project has been in development for some years and, for the moment, they have not had news by Nintendo, to which it is possible that, if it receives a lot of attention from fans, the Japanese company decides to close it. After all, Nintendo just closed the game too Metroid Prime 2D created by fans.

Amazing levels

Even so, the team responsible has wanted to launch a new video of the game to show the first details of its playability and power, in this way, get some first impressions. The video shows the first Landmaster level and it looks amazing. It is a fully functional level, but it is also extremely experimental, at which it is considered to be at a early stage of development.

The video above that was released in July shows a tour of the first underwater level in Aquas, which is an alternate path that players can take. It is another level that it looks amazing tooAlthough the expectations cannot be very high when Nintendo probably wants to take action on the matter.

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There is currently no release date for Star Fox: Event Horizon, although before Nintendo does anything we hope they release a demo. In the meantime, we are putting this fan project on the radar and we will have to wait for more details and features.