cryptocurrencies are the reason

To put you in context a bit, MIR4 is the continuation of an MMORPG saga developed by the South Korean studio WeMade. The Legend of Mir 3 closed almost a decade ago and, in this way, MIR4 becomes the continuation of this franchise. At first glance, it looks like a new free oriental MMORPG, with lots of microtransactions and characters similar to games of the same style, but the game has something else that is attracting the attention of the players: obtaining cryptocurrencies while you play.

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However, its reception on Steam is not being entirely good, since its reviews are mostly negative since it was launched on August 25. However, it is on its way to enter the top 50 of the most played games, and this success is undoubtedly due to obtaining these cryptocurrencies.

Your developer has created a virtual wallet service called WeMix, and while none of this is explained on Steam, both the game’s official page and press releases clearly explain that you can get a coin called DRACO while playing. Likewise, they add the requirements to be able to obtain it and the characteristics of this, specifying that this currency is currently at exchange 3 American dollars.

MIR4 poses a purely simple and effortless gameplay, in other words, set autoplay of all the actions that you are going to do, a way to mine without doing anything. When your character receives a new quest, you just have to click on the character and he will run, fight and consume potions automatically. You can take over manual control, but your efforts will be the same as AI’s, so not worth it. It perfectly looks more like a Cookie Clicker than a World of Warcraft.

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WeMade’s approach is continue offering support both to the DRACO coin and to its new game MIR4, in fact, it will shortly get a new update related to online servers.