Twitch streamers get fed up with being harassed and organize a strike: #ADayOffTwitch is already underway

In recent times, many Twitch content creators have been complaining about a significant increase in bullying cases. This is especially affecting streamers from socially oppressed groups and the situation has become untenable. To protest Twitch’s inaction, content creators today are on strike: there are no direct.

This initiative was growing especially among North American creators, who they proposed not to do direct the September 1, 2021 to protest against this escalation of violence on the platform. #ADayOffTwitch It is the movement that is already underway and to which many have joined, although obviously, being something voluntary, others have decided to continue with their usual programming.

And it is that an interesting debate has been opened in recent days, since some streamers in our territory have argued that not reported correctly of the initiative and many have not heard about it. Others have supported the cause openly, such as the well-known Ibai Llanos, that will not do direct today. With Ibai giving visibility to this strike, it is more difficult to think that it has not reached the majority of creators.

Many Spanish streamers have joined this strike. If you don’t know where it comes from, this is because in recent weeks many creators have suffered massive bot attacks who insult and harass them. In most cases, these types of comments are used to ridicule or also as racist movements, something really serious.

The attacks are not only due to the color of the skin, but also due to the sexual orientation or gender identity, topics in which there is still room for improvement. An example of this type of attack was suffered, for example, by the streamer @trihex: suddenly, many messages appeared in his chat with a openly racist expression.

In the case of Twitch, a few weeks ago we told you about 3D PC Games that the platform has taken note of all this, and will make adjustments to avoid hate raids and to improve the detection of malicious messages. Still, the real changes are being made to beg and the creators can not take it anymore. We hope the adjustments arrive soon and take effect.

Viewers also participate in #ADayOffTwitch

Lastly, it is important to note that this strike is not just for content creators. The Twitch viewers who do not enter the platform during the day today and not support it. It will be interesting to see a balance of the initiative in the coming days and, above all, to see if Twitch issues any kind of statement on the matter.