Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Announces Steam Release Date – You’ll Have Farm Work Soon

If you like farming games, surely you are familiar with the classic saga Harvest Moon, currently known as Story of Seasons. Well, the last game in the franchise will no longer be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive already has a release date on PC and you’ll have a job on the farm very soon.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive is out on Steam next September 15 and will put us in the shoes of a farmer in Villa Oliva. We will have to cultivate and improve in agriculture, have livestock, fish, build and decorate, and everything we can think of in a game of the style. This Story of Seasons has been a noticeable graphic change in the saga.

After the success of Doraemon Story of Seasons (also on Steam and that I personally recommend), Marvelous Inc. seeks to conquer the hearts of PC gamers. Farm games have strong competition, starting with the beloved one Stardew Valley, so we’ll see if the game Story of Seasons manages to gain a foothold in compatible.

In the game we will also have to take care of the relationships with the other villagers and we will be able to attend more than 200 unique events. The game has many customization options and is a totally relaxing game for you to enjoy. You can add it now to your Steam wish list and keep in mind that it has a 10% discount before launch.