Among Us is not dead: prepare a major update, and as part of it, new PC exclusive control options

We are used to triple A productions being regularly updated with new seasons of content, maps and modes; but in the adorable world of Among Us, where the players are simple “puppets” who betray each other, even a small setting in menu it can be considered a major novelty.

Among Us will have new roles and thanks to this mod you can get ahead of it and play with new characters

On Twitter, Innersloth share a preview of its next update, which includes among other new things control options for PC gamers: a submenu from which you can enable or disable mouse cursor control and even open a key mapping table.

With the latter, there are a couple of slots available for control directional (by default, WASD or direction arrows) and to Actions primary, secondary and tertiary. There is no more level of precision, but in practice that should mean that you could assign separate keys to assassinate, report corpses, or interact with the environment.

Among Us has had an incredible journey, although it no longer enjoys the popularity it had with its unexpected rejuvenation. Now, rather, it is Epic Games that profits by imitating the Innersloth formula much to the contrary of the interests of the small indie studio.