Halo 3 Bets On Templars, Dragons, Romans And Hydras With Master Chief Collection Season 8: A Look At Mythos

If back in 2007 you had told me that Halo 3 would receive new content in fourteen years later, I probably would not have believed it. But this week 343 Industries share a preview of the season eight from the Master Chief Collection, which brings with it new armor sets for the Bungie classic.

In fact, those of Redmond already have us used to each season including a good dose of material to personalize our Spartan, and that content resonates strongly with fans because every little piece has a background Huge: it matters who makes it, in what situation it’s used, that sort of thing. But this is a special occasion.

With the nickname Mythos, Season 8 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will explore the limits of canonical material from the game with armor inspired by Roman warriors, Hydras, Templars, Dragons, Plague Doctors or Loki himself. To name a few. And if you particularly like a helmet, you can also take it to Halo: Reach.

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The release date Mythos season has yet to be specified, so you still have time to enjoy the Elites in all their glory. As a reminder, Halo Infinite arrives on December 8 and is expected to have a side nicknamed Fractures to experiment with other artistic styles such as this one.