No, Destiny 2 will not remove Nova Warp or any other super abilities when The Witch Queen arrives.

Last week, the Bungie weekly bulletin included the first details of the class system 3.0 of Destiny 2, which will try to give Light-based subclasses (specializations) the same level of depth that Light ecstasy, the only source of power from the Dark available today.

This news, in reality, is something that those responsible had already dropped in the past. And at the time, director Luke Smith anticipated that the studio would have no problem with remove super skills whole in order to update them properly if they deem it necessary.

In fact, he assured that he would keep only the most representative powers of IP, putting into question the future of new distortion and others less used. Now that the 3.0 subclasses are official and the vacuum ones are in the spotlight, some fans are worried for the future of super skills.

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It is confirmed that we will have to say goodbye to certain functionalities of the current branches, in a new interview with Polygon their managers explain that none of them will be super abilities. “We want to make sure all of that is there,” says Joe Blackburn, game director. “One of the things that excites us is that when the players enter The Witch Queen the first day and explore the void 3.0, don’t feel like things have been taken from you. “

Some really strange statements when you consider that the Destiny Content Vault took entire locations and campaigns with the arrival of Shadowkeep, and the plan is to continue to do so in the future.