Windows 11 already has a release date, and you can update your operating system for free if you meet the requirements

We already knew that Windows 11 would arrive at the end of the year, but we had no idea that it would happen so soon. On its official website, Microsoft announces that the latest version of its operating system will be available from next October 5th as an update for existing PCs, and also implemented directly in those you find in stores.

With the arrival of W11, your computer will win a Interface cleaner and more organized: the edges of the windows become rounded, the taskbar is collected in the center and integrates Microsoft Teams natively; in addition to remodeling the store, for example. The players We can also take advantage of it thanks to DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage (similar to the use of the Xbox SSD) and Auto HDR.

Existing Windows 10 users will receive a free OS update as long as your computer meets the system requirements. To check if this is your case, you can use the herramienta PC Health CheckAlthough you will often find that even the wealthiest teams receive negative results. The solution is to enable the TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) from the BIOS.

DirectStorage, one of the best features of Windows 11 for video games, will also come to Windows 10

In the event that your computer does not include one of these devices – a relatively frequent case in PCs assembled by parts – you will have to buy it separately and install it on your motherboard if you want to upgrade. As a reminder, Insider program participants can now get hold of Windows 11, avoiding just over a month of waiting.