Dead Space remake is back with very primitive video gameplay, but full of promising news

Considering that the long-awaited remake of Dead Space was announced in late July at EA Play Live 2021, we didn’t expect to see it in action so soon. And here we are: in the middle of a broadcast where the developers let us see what the game is like on a structural level.

EA Motive explains on its Twitch channel that the game was created in the motor Frostbite —DICE’s powerful tool that brings Battlefield, and other games from the publisher, to life with new materials and techniques for illumination to find the right personality for the dark corridors of the USG Ishimura ship. But it also brings ideas beyond aesthetics.

For example, him dismemberment of enemies will be noticeably improved (the skin is torn more precisely, showing the bone underneath) and will serve the player to understand how effective the weapon you are currently using is and how much health your opponent has left to die for, among other things. It’s Dead Space, after all, your health bar is on your back; this is how he does things.

Beyond that, they have also confirmed that the zero gravity It has been redesigned in the name of comfort, with the possibility of seeing that mechanic in other sections; and that actor Gunner Wright will be back as the voice of our unfortunate engineer Isaac Clarke for the English version. We won’t hear you much, though, because you will only speak during conversations and when it makes sense for you to speak out loud.

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The Dead Space remake is scheduled to launch on PC and next-gen consoles, but we don’t know exactly when. During the broadcast, the material shown corresponds to a development build old that still uses a lot of unfinished promo material and graphics, so we can assume it still has some cooking time left.