Nano Racing may not sound familiar to you, but it offers next-gen races created in Unreal Engine 5, and by a single person

Currently, Unreal Engine 5 It is in early access with plans to be released in its final version in early 2022. However, this does not prevent some fans from wanting to test its features and develop future and impressive games that impact on their graphics. This is what happened to the Reddit user, WonderFactory, who is currently working with this engine to create an arcade racing game.

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This game is called Nano Racing and offers realistic next generation graphics based on Unreal Engine 5 and developed solely by this user. For this game, you wanted to use the Chaos Physics System to improve physical simulation of the game and meet the needs of next generation games. In addition to allowing players to control a small car in a huge world, as if you were a Micro Machine.

Added to all the above, Nano Racing gives the possibility of participating in both single player and multiplayer competitions, which will allow to compete online. However, if you look at the trailer you can see that the controls are a bit basic, so hopefully the developer will improve them.

“Drive miniature cars on multiple tracks, all with ultra-realistic next-generation graphics. Choose from a range of cars, each with its own driving style. Participate in single player events or compete online against others, “reads the description of the game on Steam.

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At the moment, there is no further information or more details about the game and its release date, but it is known that it is in an early stage of development. From the looks of it, it has potential and can be interesting when the project is launched. Meanwhile, and if you are interested, you can add it to your Steam wishlist.