The Roman Empire, real-time strategy and massive battles: this is Roman Empire Wars, which presents a new gameplay trailer

If you are lovers of war real-time strategy video games, be very attentive because this new title may interest you. The indie studio Emperor Games is developing the game Roman Empire Wars, in which we will have to lead the Roman Empire in his conquest of Europe. The game promises massive battles and has presented a new gameplay trailer.

Roman Empire Wars is a historical real-time strategy game, in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the new Roman Emperor. How could it be otherwise with this role, our objective will be to demonstrate to the rest of the territories the strength of our army and of Rome. This first video lets us see the fights so huge that await us.

In the game we will face the enemies in scenarios inspired by Greece, Carthage, Persia, Egypt and Great Britain, in battles that “mimic real life war campaigns”, according to the developers. The game will be tactical and our decisions can lead to victory or the worst of defeats. The study has also indicated that there will be “various types of units historically accurate“.

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Roman Empire Wars will allow us to face the battles as we want and we will be the ones who will decide how to end our enemies. The game seems to make an effort to recreate realistic troop movements, but we’ll find out. It is confirmed for PC, has no release date and you can add it to your wish list on Steam.