A fruit will allow you to vomit in Valheim, but it has an explanation: more news from Hearth & Home

Valheim is one of the video games of the year 2021 and there is no doubt about that. The game has already sold more than 8 million copies and is still in early access, which gives a very good idea of ​​the tremendous success of the survival game from Iron Gate. Update is coming soon Hearth & Home, the largest to date, and now we have known that new ingredients will arrive So what we can vomit, but it has its explanation.

In recent weeks, Iron Gate is giving us long teeth with the Hearth & Home update, which promises to be the biggest to date. This new content, which will change many systems in the game, will be released on September 16. Now we have learned more about food: more ingredients, more recipes and adjustments in the kitchen.

The first thing is that now animals will drop different types of meat, which will give us the option to create new meals. The inclusion of new recipes will also favor the appearance of arable onions. In general, this complements the changes to the food system that will be introduced in the new update.

The funny thing about the subject is that, as all the adjustments in the kitchen will also change how we manage stamina and life, Iron Gate will bring the bukeperry, a fruit that will make us vomit. The reason is that, if we are full, we cannot eat another meal to change the improvement that we are benefiting from, so that way we can eat another food immediately. It is a slightly strange and radical solution, but it has its usefulness.

Kitchen Station Improvements

Thanks to the video we have also learned that now the cooking stations will be different and they will need, like the rest of the crafting elements, other nearby improvements to be able to take advantage of them 100%. For example, we can build a shelf for kitchen utensils or a butcher’s table. By the way, now we will have to bake the bread before eating it. There is less left to enjoy the changes of Hearth & Home in Valheim.