FIFA 22 for PC already has official system requirements, and if they sound familiar to you, it’s because it’s not the first time we’ve seen them.

We are approaching that time of year when soccer leagues pick up steam after the summer break and EA rubs its hands as its iconic star sports franchise prepares its next release. In this case we are talking, of course, about FIFA 22. And if you are thinking of buying it on PC, you should know that we already know its system requirements.

A new update to the game card on Steam reveals the type of hardware you must have on your PC to run the game in pre-configuration minimum and recommended, although as usual without any kind of indication about the kind of performance you can expect from each one. We assume that the first is for 1080p 30 FPS, and the second, 1080p 60 FPS.

minimum requirements

recommended requirements


Windows 10 (64 bit)

Windows 10 (64 bit)


Intel Core i3-6100 (3,7 GHz) o AMD Athlon X4 880K (4 GHz)

Intel i5-3550 (3.40 GHz) o AMD FX 8150 (3.6 GHz)


8 GB

8 GB


Nvidia GTX 660 2 GB o AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB

Nvidia GTX 670 o AMD Radeon R9 270X


50 GB available

50 GB available

As you can see, this year’s installment is so permissive in terms of hardware as it was last year; nothing strange considering that the technological evolution that separates each delivery is minimal and that the PC version of FIFA 22 is comparable to that of PS4 y Xbox One, consoles from 2013.

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If you want an experience of new generation, then you will have to pull the thread of Stadia or the Xbox Series X | S and PS5 consoles. FIFA 22 will be available from October 1, unless you pre-order Ultimate edition; in that case, you can start playing on September 27.