Meet Sovereign Syndicate, a new RPG game with original mechanics: change the chance of the dice for the tarot cards

If you like tabletop role-playing games, Sovereign Syndicate you will love it and more for its curious mechanics. This RPG is the new thing from the independent studio Crimson Herring, set in an alternative steampunk setting of Victorian London, strange, but attractive at the same time. The most curious thing that accompanies it is its system of chance, since it is based on draw tarot cards instead of rolling dice, and alongside it, it also presents a mysterious and interesting plot.

Based on the trailer presented by the developer, Sovereign Syndicate has a mix between Arcanum y Disco Elysium, both RPGs with a good plot. In addition, it offers a detailed open world to explore with different locations, more than twenty to be exact, where it will place great emphasis on the problems to offer you multiple solutions.

Choose the right story

Three characters, three stories, but you can only choose one. The one you choose will develop according to your choices. We give you a preview of who the protagonists are: Atticus Daley, an orphan and alcoholic minotaur, Clara Reed, a corsair with a checkered past, and Otto, a faithful automaton. Each character will display their own combination of skills, equipment and knowledge, what you can do to collaborate with each other to achieve your goals, although yes, will you trust those around you?

Thanks to its mechanics, this RPG will allow you to interact with a great variety of characters, who will react to your different appearances, so you better take care of your appearance and your way of acting in order to achieve good and correct results. Luck has a fundamental role, although with the system of chance in tarot cards, Any thing is possible.

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Sovereig Syndicate It is currently in development and its release date is unknown, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist. On the page you will be able to find out more information and features of the game, in addition to being informed of the new features that are being incorporated.