a lonely viking adventure created by a single person where the protagonist is the setting

The world of Vikings and Norse mythology is a source of enchantment and inspiration for many developers, which has recently led to finding audiovisual works of various kinds that are fascinating. And, the best example we have right here, Song of Iron is a modest, but impressive game, that will leave you trapped from the beginning and will not let you go until you know its entire history in its almost four hours long. This game is the most surprising thing I have known this year thanks to its plot and its setting, but, above all, because of the long and dangerous journey full of blood, puzzles and monsters that are waiting to make everything a little more complicated.

Song of Iron has a release date and a new trailer with the only path that leads to Valhalla: forward

The first thing you need to know about Song of Iron is that it is created by an independent studio called Resting Relic and, to your surprise, is developed by a single person, Jon Winter, veteran of the sector. When they tell me that a game has been created by one person, I admire all the time they will have invested to achieve a good result, it is clear that there are many characteristics and elements to take into account for a single person. Song of Iron is the result of a aesthetically brilliant game with stunning landscapes, but nonetheless, its linearity and clunky controls make it a tedious and monotonous game at times.

Start your adventure in Song of Iron

To put you in context a bit, Song of Iron presents a very obvious premise with a very uninteresting plot of which you will know small brush strokes. In other words, you take on the role of a Viking or Viking warrior who has decided to embark on a long and dangerous journey to meet the gods and save their people from a terrible threat that is coming. With an evil Thor involved, he asks you to go to Valhalla with him and, nevertheless, you decide to create your own adventure and become one of the strongest warriors that have ever existed, yes, you have to be prepared to overcome every adversity Let him cross your path and complete some puzzles to be able to continue without problem.


Attack, dodge and dodge again

Within its gameplay, Song of Iron gives more prominence to fightingas the game focuses heavily on the action component and fighting with a two-dimensional view. Throughout the adventure he will add certain mechanics with the idea of ​​creating challenging combats, but no, the latter does not succeed. However, if you have to take into account certain elements that are part of the combat. First of all, I would tell you to keep an eye on the two horizontal bars that represent life and endurance, the latter very soulslike style. However, they are not frenzied combats, on the contrary, the action-reaction of your character when defending and hitting is sometimes very boring because it takes a long time and you have to think carefully about each hit so as not to be unprotected and receive damage. . Basically combat boils down to dodging, blocking and hittingAlthough when you get the hang of dodging, combat becomes a very simple experience.

When you fight, you use various weapons such as the bow, the ax and even a shield to be able to fight back. However, here something quite remarkable appears within the battles of Song of Iron and is that Weapons can be lost, dates can run out and shields break. Therefore, it is necessary that you continually try to reinvent yourself in confrontations, always devising new strategies to defend yourself or escaping without looking back. It’s true, the battles are reduced to facing hordes and more hordes of enemies, both humans and monsters, that line up to attack you. And, although at first it motivates to end all of them, it ends up becoming repetitive and monotonous scenarios full of monsters to kill, so rushing out and advancing without killing them is not a bad idea.

song of iron

Of course, one of the strategies that you can take advantage of the most is friendly fire. Yes, as you read it, in the end they can kill each other inadvertently, so if you dodge and block, an archer can shoot an arrow at you, but accidentally hit his partner. And finally, another of the “important” elements in combat are skills. As you progress through the story, you acquire different abilities that make you become that strong warrior that you want to transform yourself into. The point is, these skills encourage more combat and help make it more versatile, but some skill has seemed completely unnecessary. Let me explain, between the fact that enemies do not stop appearing, you have to dodge running before being beaten without stopping, in addition to counterattacking and activating an ability, you end up giving everything for lost and escaping once more.

song of iron

No inventory or more options, just fight

In the end, Song of Iron is still a game of side scrolling platforms, which has mechanics typical of a game of this style. Jump, climb and move boxes are some of the movements you have to do to advance in each area. The question is, what controls won’t make it easy for you. In this installment, the controls are clumsy and sometimes climbing from one side to the other becomes more challenging than facing a boss, the most obvious recommendation is that you have patience and control the resistance bar, since you will depend a lot on it to be able to climb successfully. On the other hand, in the almost four hours of duration that the game has, you have to complete different puzzles that are summarized in unlocking doors, which are not challenging.

In each area you also have different control points and thank goodness! These help a lot when it comes to feeling calmer, knowing that if you die you don’t have to go back far. However, I have been caught in different bugs and errors that have made me reset the game towards the nearest control point: boxes that I could not push or elevators that did not go up, not counting the AI ​​that sometimes stayed still and did not attacked you.

song of iron

Added to all of the above, apart from the weapons you have to attack and the abilities you discover, your character has nothing else. There is no map, no inventory, nor potions to help you regenerate life, since it regenerates itself, neither to improve resistance or a skill book to have more information. Nothing, there is nothing. The whole adventure will be with a shield, a weapon and a bow, nothing more. This can have its good part and its bad part: The bad part is that more mechanics give you more possibilities to immerse yourself in this adventure and to be able to control more the progression of your character, which does not exist. And, on the other hand, the good part is that it is a game that does not arouse interest in the existence of these mechanics either, since its simplicity makes it unique.

song of iron

A game that enters through the eyes

Song of Iron is inserted in an impressive graphic context with special attention to detail and committed to transmitting a suggestive and fantastic atmosphere. If Jon Winter has one thing to boast about and be proud of, it’s every landscape he’s created and how impressive this game looks. It manages to move you to a chaotic world full of confrontations, although what encourages you the most is to continue moving forward throughout the map to continue enjoying each landscape that is waiting for you. The landscapes are varied, from abandoned forests and caves to mountains full of dangerous enemies or full of snow, and on occasion you will have to dive.

Likewise, one of the techniques that are most appreciated in his visual style and that are very present throughout the game, are the use of lights and shadows, this gives an additional character to the set of its graphics and makes it a much darker and more violent game. However, this can be used against you when some objects are camouflaged with the environment or when your character is not well differentiated from enemies. On the other hand, the present action of this game also it becomes visually much more pleasant if it is at 4K and 60fps, which has been very fluid and has given a much higher realism to the confrontations. Finally, music is not its strong point, since it focuses more on ambient sounds and those of animation. A shame because if it had a good complementary soundtrack to perfection with all the Nordic world it has created.

song of iron

I want to be a viking, but longer

Song of Iron manages to create an adventure that it grabs you from start to finish, since its Nordic setting together with its graphically impressive environments will make it a unique experience and a surprise for those who do not know this installment. The fighting is simple And he doesn’t dig much to get more out of them, although the tools can be lost or damaged, which makes you think of other strategies to save yourself. Being completely a side-scrolling platformer its controls are not quite polished and sometimes they are clumsy, in fact, the very linearity of the game sometimes makes it repetitive. Added to the different bugs and errors that have hurt my experience a bit.

However, I hope we have more games of this style, games that just by delving into its history they give off all the love on the part of its developer and manages to transmit to you everything that he has wanted to create with him. On the other hand, Song of Iron is a game that enters through the eyes, the use of lights and shadows and every detail make it unique, but of course, I wish I was a viking for longer and that the story had gone on for at least two more hours. This Viking adventure is available as of August 31 and, without a doubt, it cannot be missing from your Steam library.