I have played Coromon and it is a gift for Pokémon fans: Game Freak has a lot to learn from these video games

The shadow of Pokémon is very long and it is very difficult to compete with a series that, despite its problems in video games, has a huge fan base. Pokémon has a special magic that no game based on the franchise can match, but at least there are video games that try to take its classic proposal to another level: Coromon does it, and he does it very well. We tested a new version with more content and these are our impressions.

I’ve been a Pokémon fan for as long as I can remember. I like the franchise, I collect their figures and I enjoy their games, although they have a lot to criticize them. My love for the saga created by Satoshi Tajiri has always made my interest in Creature Collecting RPG is very high and when I heard about Coromon, the game from the independent studio TRAGsoft, I did not hesitate to launch myself to try it. In fact, you can too: the game has an extensive demo on Steam that you can play and that will easily give you between 6 and 8 hours of entertainment if you want to do all the missions, capture the Coromon and enjoy what it offers.

The game has been on my radar for months now, so when my dear bosses told me I could try one new version with news I did not hesitate to accept it. I have played a game for the last few days. build exclusive to Insiders and press that has given us access to a new area of ​​the game and I have been able to verify again that there is a lot of desire to do an adventure that lovers of classic Pokémon will appreciate, but also introduces interesting mechanics for give it a spin to the proposal.

Coromon takes us to the region of Velua, a place where the Coromon live, a series of creatures that coexist with humans and help them perform various tasks. As you are probably already thinking, we will capture and breed them to fight, with the aim of reaching our goal. The reason for our trip is different from that of Pokémon. In this case, we are a worker of Lux Solis, of the Titan Command, and we are entrusted with the mission of obtaining the essences of the titans, some very strong Coromon that are hidden in different parts of the world.

With this premise, our new life begins, which leads us to live situations of all kinds, in a clear attempt to make the game one varied and with a story that, although it will not surprise anyone from what I have been able to see for the moment, is pleasant and entertaining. The video game also takes the most important dungeons to another level and also dares with some skill games and puzzles, something that makes progress difficult and enriches, beyond just doing it with battles. We also find secondary missions, which will give us interesting rewards if we decide to do them. But this is just the beginning: discover Coromon with me.

Coromon, a gift for fans of classic Pokémon

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It is the first article we do about the game, so I feel obliged to put some context to what you will find in it. The Coromon have types, just like in other similar games, among which we find Water, Fire or Electric. The creatures only have one of these types, but the funny thing about the game is that there are 7 types of Coromon and 6 types of which there is no creature: we only see them present in attacks. This, without even knowing what we will find in more advanced stages of the game, I think it is a very intelligent move for two reasons: first, because you put a variable that complicates and makes the game more interesting; and second, because it undoubtedly leads to the future there are DLCs or extensions with Coromon of these types that at the moment are only known in attacks. I insist that I do not know if there are plans to include creatures of these types in the base game, but it certainly opens up avenues and possibilities for study.

Coromon has a very classical development pokémaníaco: we advance through different routes until we reach a town or city (although the fast travel is unlocked soon) and we capture the creatures in the grass (or in other places, but you understand me) and we level them up so that they evolve and be more powerful. But, the latter system has a twist. Coromon can have three shapes, which have a different color to differentiate them: Standard, Powerful and Perfect. The more than 120 Coromon that will be in the game have base statistics and depending on how good our creature is based on those three forms, the more powerful it will be at the highest levels. In addition, a Perfect Coromon will develop more than a Standard one, and the best thing is that we have a lot of hand in its growth.


In the game, when we get experience by winning a battle, we raised the level of the creature, but also raised its potential. By raising the level of the Coromon, the statistics improve automatically, but when the potential increases one level, we are given points that we can assign to the statistics we want. This is really useful, especially from a competitive point of view (it is assumed that there will be PVP in the future), since we can raise the stats that we want. For example, if the base statistics of our Coromon tell us (we can see everything in the game, by the way, it is appreciated) that it is very strong in Life and Special Attack, we will increase those statistics to be able to extract all its hidden power. By the way, creatures also have different skills, so it will be important to combine everything.

Coromon, classic combat with new mechanics

It is clear that in a game like this the Coromon themselves and the fighting are very important, and in both cases I think there is good news. At case of creaturesIt is always difficult to judge whether a design is good or bad, it is something very personal. Therefore, from my point of view, Coromon are really cool in general, with some designs that I have loved. Of course, there are others that have seemed worse to me and that I have never wanted to see again in my life (for example, one of the initials, Cubzero, seems horrible to me, although it improves later). The animations of the monsters and the attacks generally comply, with some better resolved than others. The backgrounds for the combats have a lot of detail and maintain that vividness that we see graphically in the game. And since we talk about this, and as I anticipated, we go with the fights.

The battles at Coromon they are in shifts, usually one against one (there are exceptions, sometimes we have fights against more than one creature), against wild monsters or also against trainers or researchers. The statistics of our Coromon define the course of the battle according to their life, attack, defense, special attack, special defense, speed and Energy. And the latter is the biggest change from, for example, Pokémon. As also happens in Temtem, the Spanish creature collecting MMORPG, the attacks consume energy in Coromon. If we exhaust this energy, we will not be able to attack for a while and we will even suffer the consequences.


I have to say that I really like this mechanic in Temtem, because it gives a bigger layer of strategy to combat, but I think Coromon needs adjustments. I have not finished feeling the pressure of the lack of energy too much and I think that its influence is not as high as one would expect. It’s a shame, because I insist that it introduces more variety and difficulty to the fighting, but of course there is time to make changes if necessary and if considered by the developers. For the rest, you can expect the usual: attacks that damage, others that improve or lower statistics, some that cause secondary effects, or use of objects. Without a doubt, the best fights also occur against the titans, these beasts that we have to investigate in our adventure. The introduction of these creatures as final bosses seems like a success to me.

That said, if the game seems very simple to you, Coromon has something that many Pokémon fans will love: the game has difficulty modes. We can live an easy experience, a normal one (like any Pokémon game) and then other more challenging ones, with even modes in which our creatures will have permanent death. These types of additives are usually found only in fangames from Pokémon and I’m glad to see that these franchise-based projects are also learning from what their community expects from games. Nexomon: Extinction, another Pokémon-based game released last year, introduced a more challenging mode with these kinds of features in an update and was widely applauded. Without a doubt, that Coromon takes into account the issue of difficulty modes I think is a plus point, because fans of these games have been asking for these types of options for a long time.

Fighting isn’t everything: puzzles, infiltration and more


I think it was necessary to give you all that context, but I am going to tell you what I have seen in this special version. This story, which I already tell you that I have not fully experienced (there are certain cuts in the gameplay, I assume that not spoilearnos everything), takes us to the town of Darudic. This place is set in a desert place reminiscent of the Ancient Egypt and I found it very funny. Coromon has a graphic style pixel art very colorful and personally I like it quite a bit. Yes it is true that the characters leave me somewhat colder, but I appreciate all the customization options there is the game: we can make our hero in our image and likeness, change it at any time if we do not like it, and even get new clothes on our adventure.

But going back to Darudic, in this case I had to help some archaeologists who were doing an excavation. One of the city’s bosses was smothering them with new laws and tax hikes. To help them, I first had to overcome a infiltration phase in which he was looking for a suit to be able to go unnoticed among the city guards. Obviously this works more like a puzzle that as an infiltration phase to use because the possibilities of the 2D view are what they are (the enemies, for example, only see in four directions, so they do not discover you if you are next to them), but it has already similar refreshing for these games. In fact, some time later, I was able to go after the Titan in this area and the dungeon was a kind of Egyptian temple full of arrows that wanted to avoid my passage and some puzzles that they have not seemed simple to me.


It is clear that these games have to seek to differentiate themselves in some way from Pokémon, and I think Coromon it does well completely changing its history, the progress of it and with the different types of potential that creatures can have. Nexomon: Extinction focused a lot on difficulty, story, side quests and a different development, which pushed the player to capture all the time. And it turned out well! I think Coromon, which by the way also seemed to me more challenging than Pokémon even in Normal mode, it also has arguments to shine for itself. The game wants us to understand that fighting is not everything and that experiencing an epic adventure will also make us enjoy the title that much more.

Coromon points ways


Coromon has its final release planned for 2022 (It will arrive in Spanish, but the new version that I have tried still had many texts in English) and the reality is that the game looks very good. You still have to fix stability issues and some bugs (for example, I have had constant hitches that I only solved by restarting the game when they became unbearable), but you still have a lot of time for that. The gameplay is good, taking the best of the genre and trying to contribute a little more to the proposal. In addition, the inclusion of final bosses, secondary missions and puzzles make their development somewhat more varied. He looks at the classic Pokémon and wants to be a tribute, but at the same time he tries to contribute something. It is a game to take into account if you are lovers of the genre.