Action RPG DokeV Announces Release Window and Gives More Gameplay and Story Details

One of the games that has attracted the most attention at Gamescom 2021 is DokeV, the new video game from Pearl Abyss. This open-world RPG and creature collecting has gone viral for its spectacular first trailer, very colorful and with next-gen graphics. Now, its creators have spoken in a new video about what we can expect from it.

DokeV continues to leave us information little by little, and if yesterday we told you that it will be an action-adventure RPG in the open world and collecting creatures, and not an MMO, now there is more news. Executive Producer Daeil Kim commented that they wanted to do a game for the whole family with the Dokebis, creatures of Korean folklore, to remind them of some of the video games they enjoyed as children.

And yes, the main motivation behind DokeV is to create a game so that children and adults can enjoy together, as explained by Sangyoung Kim, the game’s lead producer. The video is in Korean, so you can see it on YouTube with Spanish subtitles, but it doesn’t teach anything new at the level of gameplay or images of the game.

Another interesting fact, and that was dropped yesterday at the Future Games Show (minute 58:27), is that the game is confirmed for consoles and PC, and has its launch window in 2022. We will see if the team can reach that date, since at the moment not much more has been said than that. It seems that the goal is next year, but we will see what happens.

Accessible combat, Pearl Abyss style

Changkee Nam, game designer, explained in the video that they have made a combat based on the great works of Pearl Abyss, with its style and essence, but at the same time be more accessible. It is clear that Dokev wants to reach a larger audience than, for example, Black Dessert, and that has to be reflected in the gameplay as well.

The Dokebis will accompany us on the adventure to fight and we can obtain them by looking for them and completing their different stories. Pearl Abyss has ensured that he wants the battles to be, above all, fun, and for this he has also introduced comic and exaggerated elements in the combats, something that is totally evident in his first gameplay.

DokeV will fulfill a child’s dreams


The main story the game will revolve around the search and obtain the Dokebis, which as we have already seen in the first gameplay of the game, will have crazy designs. Changkee Nam explained that they have sought to make a fun and realistic game that feels like an adventure that we could live in the real world.

To do this, they have observed how children have fun, to create characters that seem real and have introduced many familiar elements of reality, that’s why we see a city that seems normal. In addition, Pearl Abyss has also introduced elements of the Korean culture throughout the video game.

Still, something curious is that the study has thought about those things that we dream of as a child, such as fly or be a superhero, and has entered them into the game. For this reason, for example, we can move around flying or with other vehicles that look very funny, such as longboards or toy cars. The game is reminiscent of Pokémon or Yokai Watch, and in 3D PC Games we invite you to discover 16 Pokémon style RPGs that are on PC.