The new Saints Row presents Santo Ileso in a new video gameplay: laser guns, explosions and much mayhem

The Gamescom 2021 He left us big announcements and one of the main ones was the return of the Saints Row saga. Volition and Deep Silver announced the new Saints Row, a reboot of the saga that is raising much criticism among fans, although the creators have already said that this will not stop them. Now we have known more of the title in a new video gameplay.

The studio in charge of the game has released a video of just over 7 minutes long with comments from the developers and also with new gameplay scenes. Many players have argued that the game has lost its essence, and although there are clearly some changes, this video shows us that there will still be a good helping of chaos.

The video serves to tell us more about Holy Unharmed, the game’s new map, theoretically located in the southwestern United States. And what we see in the gameplay is less serious than some want to believe: laser guns, traps with those same lasers, a brutal close combat from one of the enemy groups and many spectacular explosions.

In this look at the game we also see in a little more detail the main characters, led by “The Boss”, our character, which will be fully customizable. We will have to take The Saints to be the most important faction and for this we will have to fight with at least three more. In the video appear Marshall, Panteros and a group that look like fans of Deadmau 5, which by the way we recently interviewed in 3DJuegos.

The new Saints Row will be a temporary exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, so forget about playing it on Steam outbound

We have also known that the motto of the city is “Keep it strange” (Keep it weird), so we will surely have the madness and humor that has always characterized the saga, despite some changes in the gameplay. Be that as it may, if you are interested in the video game, you can learn more at 3DGames, as we spoke to Volition about the new Saints Row.