Skate 4 confirms version for PC: EA’s most requested game now only needs to show gameplay to see if it is up to par

The return of Skate – a name that sounds like a reboot, although many nickname it Skate 4 – is one of those cases in which the stars align, wishes are fulfilled and Electronic Arts demonstrates caring for his followers. It is still too early to talk about its launch, but its managers have confirmed a great detail: will come to PC, in addition to consoles.

The information comes from the official game account on Twitter, with a simple message that gives no clue about what technical characteristics we can expect from this version, nor gameplay. It is still good news, yes, because until now it seemed that it was only going to be released on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

The truth is that apart from its platforms, we do not know anything about the game itself, but being a saga as beloved as this one, it is not strange that there is so much expectation around a development that is apparently still in a very early stage. Those responsible have limited themselves to saying that “they are Working on it“in text and video.

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Only a few people have managed to test it to this day, as they explain in the video that accompanies the news, and it seems that their reactions are positive. We’ll see if those of the community are just as good.