The speech “I have a dream” of the political activist Martin Luther King arrives at Fortnite, not absent of controversy

“I have a dream: that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the traits of their personality” said the famous speech activist’s 1963 Martin Luther King, in pursuit of basic civil rights for the black population of the United States. Today, that important piece of history is a new Fortnite event.

Titled A march through time (March Through Time in English) is content created in collaboration with Time Studios that leads players to explore a version of Washington DC close to that of the time of the speech. It includes adaptations of places like the National Mall or the Lincoln Memorial, with historical pieces that players can learn from, as well as minigames to complete cooperatively.

Fortnite has been a entertainment platform more than a game and has seen all kinds of collaborations to this day: Star Wars, Aliens, Borderlands, the NFL, Marshmello, the Avengers, Stranger Things and many more. Of course, with such a large audience – a very young one, too – to think of it as a learning platform is fantastic, because it is one of the few places that Gen Z does not consider. cringe.

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However, no matter how healthy the motivation behind this event may be, the truth is that in social networks all this matter has awakened a certain controversy– Take Martin Luther King, who was shot to the head, into a competitive shooter that can literally suggest to the player to “aim for the head” during a loading screen it squeaks to anyone, even knowing that it is advice focused on gameplay.