Inspiration from classic survival horror and lovecraftian works: Lamentum announces release date and new trailer

The inspirations and references to the work of H.P. Lovecraft They are a source of inspiration for many indie developers, as some titles based on tentacles and grotesque deformities can be seen lately. Cosmic horrors are the new zombies for Spanish developers too Obscure Tales, which with Lamentum want to launch into the survival horror genre.

With an interesting plot and pixel art style that will catch you, Lamentum has confirmed its release date, which will take place on next August 31 on Steam and on consoles. In addition, to celebrate they have presented a new trailer of the game that takes you to the action of the Mansion of Grau Hill, where part of the game will take place.

Enter the house of horrors

For those unfamiliar with this game, Lamentun brings a poignant premise. You will put yourself in the role of Victor who is desperate to find a cure for his wife Alissa, who is terminally ill. To do this, he will turn to a New England nobleman who will encourage him to make pacts with extraterrestrial gods and extra-dimensional beings. With an inspiration in the classics of the genre such as Silent Hill o Resident Evil, Lamentum moves his action to the Mansion of Grau Hill, governed by a count who is able to grant any wish.

Lamentum is basically a old school survival horror reused in pixel art. The top view allows you to clearly see the various scenarios, which makes navigation quite intuitive. In addition, always following your sources of inspiration, Lamentum offers classic inventory management and often It will require the solution of several puzzles to continue.

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It is Lovecraftian title and of Spanish origin It will allow you to explore sinister mansions and uncover mysteries, as well as fight monsters or flee without looking back. Obscure Tales has not been innovative, as inspirations are clearly appreciated. If all this sounds interesting to you, remember that it will be available from August 31 on Steam. If you like games of this style, Tomented Souls may be the perfect game if you miss classic survival horror.