3DMark updates its compatibility with DirectX 12 Ultimate: it already has support for its four main features

If you have been a PC gamer for years now, surely you are familiar with the different benchmarking tools that exist to be able to check the performance of our computer. One of the best known, and that is on Steam, is 3DMark. Now, this benchmark has been updated with more functionalities from DirectX 12 Ultimate and it already has its four most important characteristics.

In a new post shared on Steam, UL, the team behind this software, has announced that 3DMark already has compatibility with Sampler Feedback de DirectX 12 Ultimate, so it has compatibility with DirectX Ray tracing Tier 1.1, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback and Variable Rate Shading (VRS). The best part is that all this will help game developers too.

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3DMark thus becomes the first public application compatible with all these features, which means that we can still better test our PC. As we have said, these functionalities are also going to help game creators because 3DMark now includes new “feedback” tests to test features in development.

The new 3DMark Sampler Feedback Test will help studios test the “texture transmission and texture shading more efficiently “, helping them to improve textures. But there are other tests: the 3DMark DirectX Ray tracing Test is used to check the performance of ray tracing, in a scene completely created with this technology, which is used to compare different graphic cards.

On the other hand, the 3DMark Mesh Shader Test will be useful to developers to see how the performance of a game improves with the “mesh shader”, which is basically a technique to efficiently remove the mesh from models that are not visible on camera. Finally, the 3DMark VRS allows you to test different VRS settings. Variable Rate Shading is a technique that sacrifices the quality of some frames to improve overall performance, with very little effect on image quality.