Valheim puts a date on Hearth and Home, its first expansion, and celebrates it with an animated trailer

Last night was a day of presentations on the occasion of the Opening Night Live from Gamescom 2021 And among all that was proposed was a new animated trailer dedicated to Hearth and Home, the new and first major expansion for Valheim. This open-world survival game has been a hit since its launch last February 2, managing to reach more than 8 million games sold, a huge triumph for Iron Gate, the independent studio responsible for its development.

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To this day, Valheim continues in early access on Steam and continues to add sales, which has launched its first and long-awaited first expansion. Hearth and Home will be available to download for free for those owners of the base game and they will be able to do so from the next September 16. This new expansion will help the life recovery and resistance system through food, but also promises to add more tools and construction mechanics.

Adjustments in life and stamina

Life is the element most essential and fundamental for a survival game, and in Valheim with it in full, you will be better able to block and that will increase your strategy points. Likewise, stamina is also linked to life as an important value to do harm and, above all, for those who want to raise the defense to play as a tank. All these changes are aimed at allowing players to adapt the best combat to their style and have more variety when assuming the role of a Viking.

Hearth and Home was originally expected to release shortly after the game’s release. in February. However, after seeing the great success it had, Iron Gate was forced to make a number of performance changes, delaying many updates, as well as the release of the game outside of its early access that was scheduled for later this year.

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To celebrate the announcement of this new Viking expansion, they wanted to do it with a nice animated cinematic that tells you the story of a Viking and his encounters with dragons and giant orcs. Pending more details on the expansion, this DLC is scheduled for release next September 16, 2021 and you can download it for free on Steam.