Everspace 2 brings Destiny’s loot to space combat, and if that sounds good to you, it has released a surprise demo

Shortly before its release in early access In January of this year, Everspace 2 appeared on Steam with a free demo. However, this demo was removed, as it was not considered representative of the quality that the title has today, but from now on, those who want to try the game will be in luck. Rockfish Games has wanted to release a new surprise demo with a lot of content and updated to the current version due to the massive update it received at the end of July.

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The demo, currently available on Steam, allows players to experience a significant portion of the first star system from Everspace 2 before diving into an action-packed space RPG. More specifically, this demo includes the first five main missions of the game, two side missions, and many random and secret encounters, so players will have as much time as they want to explore all the asteroid fields.

In this demo it will be possible to reach up to level 5, but, even having reached the maximum level, you can continue to earn resources and money. Also, if you play the demo and decide to buy the game, the saved files will be will carry over to the full game. A way to know that all your progress will not be in vain.

The Khaït Nebula is coming soon

Along with this news, Rockfish also wanted to offer some details and previews of its fourth planetary system that will soon join the early access, the Khaït Nebula. A variety of space stations and special locations await you in this system, where game elements are combined with new ones to offer experienced players new challenges without completely overwhelming less experienced players. This new content is scheduled for release sometime in this autumn.

Unnamed 2

This is your time to try Everspace 2 for free and get to know this space world from another point of view, download it for free on Steam. Also, if you want to know more information about the game, every Friday, the responsible team shows completely new content on the official channels of Rockfish Games en Twitch y YouTube.