Frostpunk 2 Disappears From Top Game Key Selling Pages: Studio Criticism Has Taken Effect

Sometimes making noise on social media is very useful, and if not, tell 11 bit Studios, creators of the Frostpunk saga. A few days ago we told you in 3D PC Games that the studio had reported that the new Frostpunk 2 for Steam was being sold on key pages, something they called a scam. As well, the criticism has had an effect.

The studio went so far as to publicly point to the Kinguin platform as one of those that had for sale Frostpunk 2. 11 bit Studios said they did not know what the game was going to cost, there were no keys yetNor was it age-rated, something Kinguin had misrecorded. At first, the platform did not make big changes, but now the story is different.

Kinguin only specified at first that the purchase of that key was to reserve the game, but now it is we can’t even access the file. What’s more, Frostpunk 2 no longer appears in Kinguin or G2Play, so clearly the force of the criticism has served a purpose. The study even considered reporting these pages, but ruled it out due to the difficulty.

Kinguin will change your reservations

These key pages are from dubious reliability and it has been shown on more than one occasion that games are obtained in unlawful ways on many occasions. Keep in mind that they act as marketplaces, so it is third parties who put the keys up for sale. In many cases, these games are cheap, but they have been obtained in a bad way.

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After this mess, Kinguin has assured that will review your model to be able to buy reserves in-store and has once again insisted that its business is fully transparent and trustworthy, avoiding accusations of scam by 11 bit Studios. Frostpunk 2 takes place 30 years after the original, and you can look back at our review of the first Frostpunk.