The Waylanders, the RPG in the style of Dragon Age and of Spanish origin, announces its release date and presents a new trailer

On the occasion of the celebration of Awesome Indies Showcase during the Gamescom, some developers took the opportunity to give more details about their games. In this case, the Spanish study Wild cat, wanted to show a new trailer and confirm the release date of The Waylanders, their ambitious Western-style RPG in the Dragon Age and with which they have been working for a while.

As a reminder, The Waylanders debuted on early access on Steam in summer 2020, and since then it has not stopped receiving different updates to prepare for its launch. At first it was going to be in the spring of 2021, but it was delayed and now we will have to wait until November 16, 2021 to see its final version. The announcement came at the end of its new trailer in which we witness the demonstration of various environments of the game, ranging from castles to towns that inhabit the lands of the Galicia region.

Delve into Celtic mythology

Funded through Kickstarter and written by Emily Grace Buck and Gavin Jurgens-Fyrhie, the game is inspired by titles such as Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights y Baldur’s Gate. In The Waylanders you find yourself leading a group of adventurers made up of characters from six classes, called to explore a wild land with Spanish-Celtic features full of factions in war, monsters and magical corruptions. In addition, it will give you the possibility to travel between Celtic mythology and the historical legends of medieval Europe.

From launch in early access, the game has seen the inclusion of new components and has added the introduction of a story for the main character, a photo mode, new locations and pets. Also, in this version you can play between 10 and 12 hours of the 40 hour game which will have its final version. Now we just have to wait until November to check all the content that the finished game will show.

the waylanders

Currently, The Waylanders is on sale on Steam at a 20% discount and the developers have warned that after the release of Early Access, the price of the game will increase. In the meantime, and if you are interested in action RPGs, DokeV announces a release window and gives more details on its gameplay and story.