If you like Dark Souls and its frenzied battles, you will love this game: Project Relic presents a new gameplay trailer

With the recent popularity it is having the genus SoulslikeIt is not surprising that many games appear with a similar style, an example of this is Project Relic. This multiplayer action game is currently in development by Project Cloud Games and, through Future Games Show from Gamescom, unveiled a new trailer featuring stunning visuals, intense combat, and massive enemies.

Multiplayer action with Dark Souls-style combat: we want to play this new video game now

Project Cloud Games is composed of nine people, but the team has stated that it is committed to being able to offer an experience “beyond the ordinary”. You just have to see this new trailer that presents a depth to combat that is at the height of its inspirations from Dark Souls. The action is more fluid, but frenetic and favors faster systems of dodging and parrying, although everything revolves around the massive encounters against colossal monsters and enemies.

Inspired by Dark Souls

Project Relic It seems to adopt a very hectic gameplay where everything is fast, the player runs everywhere, and successful hits look like mini explosions. Also, the trailer does not show multiplayer, but, given what we know so far, don’t be surprised if it works the same way as any other souls.

Even if you ignore the gameplay, the images seen in the trailer are also triple A quality, despite the fact that Project Cloud Games is an independent studio. The use of lighting stands out especially, when night falls, each sword blow and the light that spells give off. It also appears that the open world will not be static, as the trailer shows the player dodging another bolder player, perhaps indicating that we can use our environment to fight.

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Regardless, Project Relic seems like a pretty promising title coming from an independent studio. so humble. However, you will need patience to join in frenzied fights against their bosses, as the game not expected until 2023 on PC, as well as on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.