$1,400 for a monster-sized Monster Hunter figure to whet your appetite for the next game

Pure Arts, one of the most ambitious manufacturers of collectible figures that includes video game IPs in its catalog (with a prism similar to that of Prime 1, for example) has opened reservations for its new product: a nergigante of Monster Hunter World at 1/26 scale, or about 76 cm tall, in exchange for nothing more and nothing less than $1,399. Below is a trailer showing off the iconic spiny beast from every angle, on its equally impressive plinth.

The figure in question is accompanied by a hunter clad in Rathalos armor wielding a long sword in the company of his comrade Felyne, teaming up against the elder dragon from the cover of MHW in the Bed of the Elders. If you’re interested in picking up one of the initial run figures but don’t like the idea for your wallet, keep in mind that the store gives customers flexible payment plan options to alleviate the situation.

Last year, Pure Arts had already signed a figure of the style representing the colorful Pukei-Pukei, although that one cost less than half (another not inconsiderable $ 599). This is one of the few collections of the Monster Hunter series beyond the Creator’s Model brand, that is, the one sold from the official Capcom store. And in any case, it arrives in a curious moment for fans of the video game, even if by chance.

Monster Hunter World continues to be played on Steam to this day as many fans clamor for another native desktop installment.

Monster Hunter Rise released its fifth major content update a few days ago, which many of us thought would be the last. Ultimately it will not be the case, and we will have even more news in autumn; but even so, the feeling is of seeing the latest batches of expansion for a game that already has a couple of years behind it. When will the next installment? It is difficult to know, but personally I would bet to see the first trailers next year.

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