this is the most expensive and philosophical video game on Steam

In my predictions for 2023, one thing I did not expect was to end up talking about a title that costs what for some people can be several months of rent. The Hidden and Unknown has become the most expensive video game on all of Steam thanks to its 2000 dollar price.

But what is this title and, above all, is it worth those thousands of dollars? The Hidden and Unknown is an indie video game created by a single person that, according to its description, seeks to expand the psychological and philosophical horizons of whoever plays it by dealing with personal experiences. about if worth it checkout for him… well surely not, but his father has a justification and a warning.

Nobody should buy this game if he can’t afford it, I don’t want to cause problems”, says the controversial creator of The Hidden and Unknown. On the other hand, he affirms that the title is based on his own experiences, something that he is not willing to sell for a low price, as it could be 20 euros.

Whether this is simply a marketing ploy or an honest statement we can’t tell, but ThePro, the developer in question, is clear that does not seek great economic benefit with this work. You can even get him for free on the ProX Discord in one of the many raffles he organizes.

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If you think you deserve to pay what they are in exchange €1949.09 for a video game that, according to its own developer, lasts less than 2 hours and it’s nothing more than a visual novel (with reviews that dance between the comical and the broadly hostile), you know where to do it. I don’t know how sincere this project is, but it’s a curious way to start the year.