Atomic Heart is officially gold, and this is how much we know about the future of the game

The developer Mundfish has announced through its social networks that the highly anticipated action game Atomic Heart is officially golden. In case you didn’t know, that means that the development milestones have been met, and the game is ready to hit stores. Which leads us, of course, to remember that its release date is scheduled for February 21 (I save you the search) although you can pre-order it now through Steam or play it with your Game Pass subscription.

This does not mark the end for those responsible, yes; Far from having a free hand to forget about the project, in the coming weeks they will have to throw patches to fix any bug that has slipped into them, and I imagine that the DLC or any other new feature that has been left in the pipeline for post-launch support is not without work either. At the time of writing these lines, yes, it is not clear what we will see in the future beyond the official pass.

That last one, by the way, gives access to a total of 4 Campaign DLCs whose details are yet to be announced: we do not know their names, themes and contents. So, in the meantime we are watching a game that amounts to “Soviet BioShock” in the words of our comrade Alberto Pastor, who, unlike a humble servant, has had the opportunity to try Atomic Heart in person. You can read his opinion by following the previous link, but I can tell you in advance that his opinion is positive.

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“Have explosive encounters in a delirious and sublime utopian world” reads the official description of the flashy game. “Adapt your combat style to each opponent, take advantage of the environment and improve equipment to complete the mission. The price of finding out the truth will have to be paid in blood.” It doesn’t sound bad. I leave you with the system requirements of Atomic Heart on PC (quite affordable) to be prepared and the trailer of its RTX graphics in 4K to make you long teeth.