release dates, trailers and a single surprise at the event

It is time to review everything that Microsoft has wanted to save for this first month of the year. Remember that not all the games of the American company entered the Developer_Direct, so it is to be expected that those of Redmond will save another streaming for the next few months. Be that as it may, here is everything we have been able to see in the Xbox and Bethesda “Direct”.

Everything from the Xbox event of January 2023

Redfall: date and gameplay of the “Left 4 Dead of vampires”

It was the icing on the cake, one that has come to the end of the event. We knew that Redfall, Arkane’s new bet that will seek to take revenge after Deathloop, an outstanding game that did not sell well. In this case, they go headlong online with vampires in an open world. Apart from the playable details, which we all already knew, the Texans have not shared anything new except for their date: may 2 for PC and Xbox Series (first day in game pass).

Forza Motorsport, prettier than ever

We knew the menu, but that doesn’t stop the surprise. Forza Motorsport It was going to be in the game squad of this Developer_Direct, and it has only surprised us. It looks nice, it looks like it’s going to be played, and best of all, Turn 10 Studios is putting all the meat on the spit.

Of course, this extensive look has not only been of gameplay, but we have been able to enjoy something like “behind the scenes”. This is what the British will include in the game (at the moment, no date):

  • Dynamic weather system.
  • 20 circuits created from scratch.
  • Deterioration of the track, as well as the impact of dirt.
  • 4K, 60 FPS and with Ray Tracing in the races.

Minecraft Legends: release date and gameplay

Minecraft Legends is not Mojang’s attempt to break the norm, but it is one of the most interesting releases of the year. let go of focus survival for an open world RTS It is, without a doubt, eye-catching. The map will be procedurally generated, you can play with up to 4 friends, and best of all, it’s launching soon: April 18, 2023.

Spectacular cinematic from The Elder Scrolls Online

What is The Elder Scrolls Online without spectacular cinematics? The Necrom Episode, the new event in the game with horrors lovecraftians and many demons, it is one of those that make us stand up and clap our hands screaming. TESO is always synonymous with quality.

Oblivion will have its remake in the Skyrim engine, and its impressive trailer confirms its launch window

Bethesda (rather ZeniMax Online) has delighted us, yes, with few details, but we will have new weapons and spells. However, the important announcement has come from another side: all DLC Y expansions is it so free for all players though For time limited.

Hi-Fi Rush, the only surprise and now available

We were not expecting any surprises. Nothing that made us put our hands to our heads, but there has been. Hi Fi Rush is the new game from the creators of The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks, who completely distance themselves from the horror aesthetic that they already followed with Ghostwire: Tokyo, and bet on a hack and slash nice, colorful, musical and “free”, at least if you have Game Pass. In case you don’t have it, Hi-Fi Rush is already available on Steam for 29.99 euros.

And with this, we close the news compilation. It may have been very uninteresting for some. It may be spectacular for others. Be that as it may, there are a thousand opinions and we were already warned about the menu, so “whoever warns is not a traitor”. Of course, the important event, the presentation of Starfield after its delay is still scheduled for the coming months. It only remains to wait.