Another unannounced open-world Star Wars could be brewing at EA, according to these development clues

Star Wars has a great future ahead of it. We know all the following “Star Wars” games that are to come, but at 3DJuegos PC we have found what appear to be clues that point to a possible new triple A project by Star Wars pending to announce.

It’s not uncommon to think of Frostbite and Star Wars in the same sentence, but it is when we look at the recent past of EA and DICE’s engine. Electronic Arts wanted to include Frostbite in all of its major releases, something that spilled over into Anthem, Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefield, of course. Jedi: Fallen Order escaped from the equation (I use Unreal Engine 4), and the last to include Frostbite has been Star Wars: Squadrons.

With this in mind, finding yet another game with Frostbite as its engine has thrown us off, especially considering that no studio that used Frostbite is on Star Wars now. With the new work of the developer Elizabeth Wrightnew addition to the Skydance Media team for the Black Panther and Captain America game, we have come across information from a unannounced star wars gamedeveloped by EA Vancouver and of high budget.

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Wright’s portfolio sheds light on the recent past of this Level Designer. In it, he credits her work in God of War: Ragnarök or Jedi: Fallen Order, but also in Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game and this game that we are discussing here today. If we look at Wright’s tasks for EA, very interesting things are cited such as open world elements, day-night cycles, changing weather or different planets.

Very interesting things are mentioned such as open world elements, day-night cycles, changing weather or different planets

Although we do not want to bet everything or nothing on a sandbox pure and simple (understanding it as “similar to GTA”), these details and more point to it. Wright not only specifies the climatic variation depending on the planet, as well as a varied economy depending on the scenario in which we are; otherwise NPCs and associated quests. The phrase “interactions with NPCs and questers” sheds a lot of light on the type of project we’re dealing with.

New Star Wars Game

Image from Elizabeth Wright’s website

New Star Wars game, leak leak?

The information we are discussing has not been confirmed by EA or Disney, in fact, you can see it for yourself. Given this, we have before us 3 plausible scenarios:

  1. Perhaps Wright cites a game canceled of Star Wars on his resume, especially considering the importance of the galactic brand.
  2. On the other hand, maybe the developer doesn’t you have updated your portfolio (strange considering, again, the brand) and refers to Star Wars: Squadrons, with sequences playable only in space and a “sandbox” approach in some settings.
  3. It may be the case that, indeed, we are before a release we know nothing about and that EA keeps under wraps.

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Within Electronic Arts, Respawn dominates as the studio that will push the license forward and as far as we know they have 2 games to go. Considering that the Americans have used Unreal Engine In both Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order, the change at this point in the game would be rare.

We will keep waiting and, again, we are talking about some non-hidden data that could be compared to that of a filtration. Meanwhile, the immediate future of the saga goes through a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as hopeful as it is spectacular in its first trailer with gameplay. And he arrives in no time: March 17.