I have half loaded Hogwarts Legacy, and it has been the most exciting thing that could have happened to me in a demo

In just two weeks, one of the most anticipated video games of the year is released: Hogwarts Legacy. The action RPG set in the Harry Potter universe has become a Steam bestseller even before it came out, and brings with it controversy and expectations in equal measure. I have been lucky to try it before manyand I am clear that it will surprise more than one.

The most obvious benefits of the game have already been described over and over again, including by me in the general impressions of Hogwarts Legacy that I have published in 3DJuegos. It is an open world cared for down to the millimeter, with a lot to see and explore, and that all fans of the saga will fall in love with. I didn’t need to take the controller to know all this, and yet, one of the aspects of the title that I trusted the least was what ended up conquering me.

It’s the action, the combat, that had me a little worried. And it is that the duels of wizards from the magical universe of JK Rowling have always seemed somewhat complicated to adapt to me. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows games tried this with an approach of third person shooter that not only did it not finish clicking, but that it was too simple, repetitive and lacking in depth, something that an action RPG can not afford.

These doubts, luckily, were dispelled once I was able to test the Avalanche Software title. The Hogwarts Legacy spell system is The best way to translate how magic works in the world of Hogwarts, and an accident During my test session it was what made it clear to me that it has been treated with great attention and care.

During one of their missions, I ended up running into a group (quite large, I must say, don’t let your guard down) of poachers. These undesirables were camping at ease when I ran into them, and I did not hesitate to try my skills combative at their expense. Throwing spells left and right, I have to say that it didn’t take me long to finish off these scoundrels who barked more than bited. And that was where a wonderful unforeseen event occurred.

In my eagerness to destroy my enemies, I went too far with my wand and ended up smashing one of the wooden bridges on which they were positioned. Thinking it was just a good place to bottleneck, I threw a Firea ball of fire that finished not only with my enemies, but with the platform itself that I needed to use to reach my goal.

Hogwarts Legacy Image Avalanche Software

Looking around, I saw that there was no way forward, I had broken my only path to victory, and that’s when my brain clicked. Thinking about the adventures of Harry Potter, I remembered that there is a spell Repaira magic capable of rebuild what is broken. I searched my arsenal and saw that I did indeed have it with me. Surprise! Using it fixed the mess.

But,why did he stay with me such a small and simple moment? Easy, the heart of Hogwarts Legacy is undoubtedly his world and feeling that you are a part of it. Seeing that there is an indubitable connection between our actions and what surrounds us made it clear to me that we are not just on stage, but that here we are a complete part of this universe. Without limiting our interaction, combat and magic (another of the ways we have to exist here), have also been taken into account. This does nothing more than add layers of depth to a system that in other games in the saga seemed to be present almost by obligation, and I think that is somewhat very important in favor of this RPG.