NVIDIA Releases Official Forspoken Drivers, And Believe Me, We’re Going To Need Them

Forspoken has arrived in stores today. The passage of the open world through social networks for a few months, especially after its demo, has been complicated. With the game’s premiere today, January 24, come the official NVIDIA drivers to improve game performance on GeForce graphics cards, and we are going to need them.

The game, judging by the technical requirements, is a mastodon that is difficult to tame. Not only that, but until today we had no confirmation that Forspoken was going to use NVIDIA DLSS in any of its versions. Finally, Game Ready 528.24 WHQL astro drivers offer full compatibility.

The work of Luminous Productions has, as of today, support for DLSS 3.0available exclusively for RTX 40 cards. Of course, if you play with any of the GPUs of the last two generations (RTX 30 and RTX 20), you will also be able to benefit from this technology, although we will not see as much improvement as we would expect.

Far from Forspoken, 4 other gamesincluding Dead Space Remake as well, also receives support for NVIDIA DLSS 3.0 technology:

Forspoken will also have a demo on PC, and Square Enix tells us when you can try it for free

Apart from this, the open world of the Japanese under the umbrella of Square Enix has run into more than one problem even before leaving. It’s not just that the press reviews were extremely limited and the embargo was lifted yesterday, but sharing a week with a Dead Space Remake exalted after the hit of The Callisto Protocol it can do a lot of damage.