I Became A Taxi Driver In GTA Online, Got Killed Twice By The Same Guy And Ended Up Winning $30,000 In The Casino – Grand Theft Auto Online

If in my previous game of GTA Online I was able to get rid of my prejudices and observe that Rockstar’s official missions are on par with Grand Theft Auto V in its story mode, now it was time to test the cotton to the open world and take a look at its possibilities.

I was not very clear what to do, but it was enough to see that one of the novelties of this week by the developers. It turns out that taxis come to GTA Online, and not just as a means of quick transport between areas of the map. The point is that we can go with our character to Downtown Cab Co. and earn some GTA$ by taking pedestrians to their destinations.

It is not revolutionary at all, in fact it is identical to the game system in the story mode, but it has the incentive of developing in an online world and making money for our investments and businesses. Therefore, I decided to work for a while as a taxi driver in GTA Online. And I couldn’t wait for what happened.

Being a taxi driver in GTA is a risky profession

Grand Theft Auto V Online Taxi

The first trip went smoothly. The passenger was a few hundred meters away and only had to cross a few streets. Driving a little carefully so as not to see that big tip go down (seriously, $1000 for 10 minutes), I had no problem. Weirder was when I had to pick up a girl on a hill in the suburbs, and take her to the Casino. But, uh, I’m a professional and I don’t judge.

I was about to proceed with a third trip, starting to think that this mode is too identical to GTA San Andreas and that I was getting tired of roleplaying, when a madman on a quad shot me while coming speeding. Upon respawning, it was a rocket that ended my character’s life. Incredulous, I noticed that the responsible name appears during the classic “grey screen”. Samuel Elvis, it seems that he does not like taxi drivers who earn their living with the sweat of his brow.

Overwhelmed by this harassment and demolition, I sought refuge in the first place that occurred to me: the Casino. Maybe it was a sign of fate, or that GTA$2,000 was burning in my pocket, but what the hell?Doesn’t a poor freelancer deserve to enjoy his money after a hard day dying twice?

I quickly jumped to a scene in which the manager of the Casino gave me a guided tour and even offered me to buy a luxury penthouse… The poor thing doesn’t know how many trips with my now destroyed taxi I would need to be able to buy it.

You can’t live from a taxi

Grand Theft Auto V Online

After joining the Casino in exchange for 500 GTA$, a quarter of what I earned from my work, I find myself with a prize wheel that I can use once a day for free. Prepared to get a T-shirt with a Casino logo on it, because I’m not the luckiest person in the world, I go to spin it.

The spirit of Jorge Fernández takes possession of me, and to the rhythm of “pull the roulette, pull the roulette now”, I press the button indicated on the screen. The result? 30,000 hard cash GTA$. Maybe it’s not the best game to draw a moral, and even less with the game ahead, but if you’ll excuse me, you’re looking for it, I have a Blackjack table waiting for me.