New Vegas took place

The end of a video game (or of any story) is, without a doubt, one of its most important parts. Finishing your adventure satisfactorily and in style is almost an obligation, but sometimes it can be complicated, especially with video games that have more than one ending. Fallout: New Vegas, from Obsidian, needed a clever trick to be able to take advantage of all its possibilities.

And it is that the open world RPG of this prolific and legendary study has, how could it be otherwise, multiple endings to his credit. Far from creating a bombastic scene for each, something that would require more resources than they had, and which could also be difficult due to the limitations of Bethesda’s Gamebryo engine, its creators used a curious strategy to present these outcomes to you.

It may seem that we are simply presented with a series of static images to tell us about the end of the plot. looking like slides, what if I told you that this is much closer to reality than it seems? Far from using pre-rendered video footage or some other way to show us what happened, the nifty trick is to literally show your character a sequence of images. directly within the title.

When you finish your post-apocalyptic epic, your Courier is teleported to a room with no textures. Taking control of your character away, a succession of slides go through the level, creating the illusion that what you are watching is, in fact, a movie, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to this effect, we were able to have a lot of different endings without needing to cut back on the narrative.

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These types of tricks remind us that video games are much more complex than they may seem, and that thinking differently is often necessary to be able to carry out projects successfully. Fallout: New Vegas will always be remembered as one of the best RPGs ever, and rightly so, and the team behind it have shown in every way that they are greats in game development.