A psychology master plays Elden Ring with her mind using an intelligence build

We all know that the souls They generate in the community of players a feeling of improvement that is rarely seen. However, what has been generated around Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest RPG bet, is insane. We’re not just talking about people proving they can handle the game with their feet or a toy controller, but now we’re talking about someone able to play Elden Ring with mind.

We’re not talking about some kind of joke, we think, or, crazier still, about a person with superpowers. Content creator Perrikaryal, a well-known psychologist, makes use of a device that measures her brain activity to control certain attacks and abilities in the game. Of course, not everything is imitate charles xavierand it is that the map scrolling yes it does with a I send (full mind control has not yet been perfected).

As she comments in her own streams on the Twitch platform, makes use of some pads that measure electrical activity of his brain (an electroencephalogram), to later detect them with the PC. Done this, it has assigned an independent action to each brain activity so that, for example, i can use magic of the character with his mind.

It sounds crazy, and it is. To reduce it to the maximum, we can say that he uses his mind to attack enemies. And it is that, taking into account the mechanics of your device, this is how it works. The psychologist makes use of the proprioception. This is the ability What does our brain have to know the exact position of all parts of our body in every moment. In other words, our brain receives different orders from the joints and muscles regarding their exact position.

Elden Ring Mind

Image of the software used by the streamer

It’s almost like the Perrikaryal user makes use of weapons, arms and legs in a virtual spectrum to defeat the simplest and most difficult enemies in the game. Of course, if we see any of his streams on the Amazon platform, there seems to be some delay in commandos, especially when he has to make use of various combat moves. Either way, it’s a real madness.

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As we have been able to see live this afternoon (which, by the way, is still live in case you want to see it), the process is not painful, since electrical impulses are normal in our brain. However, and as the British has commented, the receptors are resected and, with a view to a better signal between the brain and the EEG apparatus (Electroencephalography), it is moisturizes the head every so often.

As we have commented, the most “cumbersome” part of the game is done with a controller, but it is still spectacular. Thus, Perrikaryal joins the list of players looking to complete Elden Ring in the most ridiculous, extravagant and, in this case, scientifically plausiblepossible.