Making your RTX 4090 (if you have it) smaller and less heavy is as simple as spending 300 more euros

The RTX 40 are already on the market, but they are not an easily accessible product. We are not talking exclusively about the price, but about its availability worldwide. Although the pecuniary value is the main problem, another one is also added: its size. Some RTX 4090s struggle to fit many of the rigs, while others double down on weight. The solution, at least one of them, is to spend more on the liquid cooling kits.

It is not something new. In fact, these kits have accompanied different generations of graphics cards for years, but these additions for the RTX 4090 make them a minutiae in terms of size. the block of alpha cool It implies, of course, that we disassemble our beloved GPU to separate it from the heatsink, but the result is quite good.

Although you can buy certain models with liquid cooling included (in this case, one of them is the model MSI Suprim Liquid X than the RTX 4090, although for a price of more than 2,000 euros), this kit gives us the possibility of making the GPU smaller for between 161 euros and 300 euros, depending on whether you need the complete kit or just the board to put the graphics card.

Barely 3 months later, important models of water cooling for the RTX 4090 and, judging by the first benchmarks, the result is good. Serving the Optimum Tech user on YouTube, the GPU does not rise above 55º centigrade in games like God of War (2018) or Control.

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Although it implies making room for some additional fans for the GPU, it is certainly good news for those gamers who, since October, have been suffering to see how they get their graphics cards into their tower. Of course, the extra expense may not be very funny.