Microsoft dates the beginning of the end for Windows 10, and the first step is to stop selling it legally and officially

Although in the 80s it was the Apple II that dominated the world of videogames, little by little macOS systems have been put aside by the use of Windows as the main OS. In fact, you only have to see its predominance today in work computers, office automation or gaming. Of course, Microsoft wants set aside slowly to Windows 10 so that its new version prevails, and will soon stop selling licenses.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the end of the official sale of Windows 10, at least under the umbrella of Microsoft, will come next January 31, 2023. This date will be marked on the calendar as the beginning of the end of Windows 10, an operating system that stop receiving updates essential the October 14, 2025.

It seems that Microsoft thinks too many years ahead, but the generational relief in operating systems it is a reality. Despite the fact that Windows 10 celebrates its 8th anniversary in 2023, Microsoft is determined to turn off the tap with a view to selling and advertising the most up-to-date version of that operating system, that is, Windows 11.

And it is that, since that Windows 8, those of Redmond have maintained a same minimalist aesthetic. Even so, the reception of Windows 10 Y Windows 11 Compared to its eighth version (at least in name), it has been much better. If we keep that system in mind and take a look at Valve’s hardware and software survey, it’s beaten by Windows 7, even though it came out more than a decade ago.

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This news may not come as a surprise to many because Windows 11 was released two years ago. However, if we take into account the aforementioned Steam survey, the previous version of the Redmond system has an overwhelming 65.42% of users facing a growing Windows 11which today has been done with the 28.42% of computers.