Apex Legends invents the battle royale 2.0 genre in its most beastly and hardcore event to date

Although Titanfall did not become the “Call of Duty killer” As expected, Respawn Entertainment managed to surpass itself on two occasions: with Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order. Today we are not talking about Jedi: Survivor (I wish we did) but about the battle royaleone that has rubbed shoulders with the greatest of the genre and has announced its Hardcore Royale mode.

This, so that you can understand it quickly and quickly, is nothing but the battle royale 2.0. If, basically, the quintessential genre of recent multiplayer is difficult, what the American team proposes is to go further with an exclusive game mode to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This will be part of the general Celestial Sunrise event where we can get a good batch of up to 24 cosmetics included those legendary for Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic and Ash. Likewise, we will have several challenges to complete from the January 24until the next February 7that which point the event will say goodbye.

But what is this “battle royale 2.0″? According to Respawn Entertainment, we are facing a game mode very similar to the Trios already present in the game, but we will not even have helmets, the ring will do a lot of damagethe ammunition will be scarce, the armor will be basic and we will not be able loot them on enemy corpses.

Of course, as the event passes over Valentine’s Day, after next January 7 they will arrive 2 game modes inspired by “Valentine’s Day“, although the date and time have not been disclosed. Of course, it will include a Bocek bow that will heal you and your partner, as if it were Cupid.