The shooter from the parents of Total War begins its alpha in 3 days, and from now on we encourage you and tell you how to participate

The Creative Assembly studio is one of the most versatile on the recent market. The British have been responsible for the Total War saga, but also for an outstanding Alien: Isolation or that Halo Wars 2 in collaboration with 343 Industries. However, the immediate future of the study goes through HYENAS, a crazy shooter multiplayer that start in 3 days alpha open.

The Earth is in shambles, the rich have colonized Mars, and the rest of humanity is having its worst time on the Billet, a vast orbiting slum. That is the premise of the game, one that invites us to participate in the January 23 to 26 in his first public test.

This shooter gives us the option of playing in weightless areas of the map with the hyenas, a kind of mercenary with unique abilities and extremely curious personalities. Yes indeed, nothing of battle royale. This is a shooter “a la Escape From Tarkov” with a small team approach, no big battles on huge arenas.

In this case, the European servers have a certain delay compared to the rest of the regions. while in USAplayers can play from today, day January 20we will have to wait 3 days to play on this side of the globe.

This enemy is so smart and hard to crack that its authors didn't even bother to create animations or sounds for his death.

To register for the beta you only have to access the game’s website, log in with your The Creative Assembly account or create one. Apparently, the British team is being very open with applications, so we encourage you to try your luck now.