This is the game that allows you to build your own natural park

In recent years, the fashion for making cute and relaxing games has grown to become a trend. Names like A Short Hike or Ooblets have come to show that there are very different ways to enjoy video games, and the free titles of today follows that current. Today, you can stay with Haven Park without paying a penny.

But what is Haven Park? It is a video game in which you play Flint, a young chick who has to succeed his grandmother when it comes to manage the natural park which is your property. Of course, your objective is not only going to be to maintain this place, but to keep people happy.

And it is that a cast of characters that camp there will ask you to improve the facilities. With this you will be able to win their sympathy, at the same time that you attract more people (in the shape of animals) to your lands. With no combat and no enemies, it’s an ideal game if you want to completely relax.

For the next 70 hours, you’ll be able to get Haven Park completely free, and it’s all thanks to a promotion from, the retro and indie video game portal DRM-free. The CD Projekt platform continues to give not only discounts, but also gifts.

This piece of cucada is free on the Epic Games Store, and if it doesn't convince you, I'll tell you one thing: it's a game made in origami

To get hold of him, you have it very easy. You just have to go to the Haven Park page on GOG and click on “Go to giveaway”, which will send you to the front page of the web, in its corresponding section. Once there, just add the game to your library and will be yours forever. Let’s enjoy it!