One of Capcom’s best video games comes to Game Pass today to give you hundreds of hours of multiplayer content

Game Pass has become over time one of the cornerstones of Microsoft’s strategy. Offering a huge catalog of video games, this does not stop expanding. Today it’s time to talk about one of the most important launches of the year for the subscription service. Monster Hunter Rise arrives.

Capcom’s legendary beast hunting game series is a heavyweight within the industry, and over time it has solidified into a million-selling success. Rise is the latest installment in the saga, and in its passage through Switch and PC it has turned into another victory for Capcom.

If you want to sign up for the most extreme and content-rich beast hunts the genre has ever seen, today game pass makes it easy for you Monster Hunter Rise arrives at the Redmond subscription service and is now available for download and enjoyment. Of course, not with all its content.

Its expansion, Sunbreak, celebrated a couple of days ago having reached 5 million copies sold. With these figures achieved only through PC and Switch, it is quite a milestone for Capcom, but this extra content has not yet reached Game Pass, nor to the Microsoft Store. Its premiere in the Redmond store will be in the spring of this year.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak debuts its "end game mode"which is inherited directly from MH World

Still, Monster Hunter Rise is a dense game that will give you tens and tens of hours of fun you can have with your friends. Starting today, you can immerse yourself in one of the best experiences in the series, which is also quite forgiving for newbies.