Get Titanfall 2 for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, and enjoy one of the best shooters of recent years

Respawn Entertainment has earned a place in the hearts of gamers over time. The geniuses behind games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Apex Legends are cultivating quite a trajectory. Today you can get Titanfall 2, one of his best video games, at a ridiculous price.

Mounting yourself on incredible robots, you’re going to have to switch between shooting from the cockpit and going on foot and taking advantage of all your mobility in this great game that little by little has become a cult title. So much his campaign like its multiplayer mode, they have earned the affection of the public.

Normally costing 29.99 euros, today you can have Titanfall 2 on Steam for only 2.99. The reduction of 90% price It gives us one of the best offers that have been carried out by this title, and leaves it on a tray to add it to the cart without regard. In addition, the community continues to support him fervently.

The Northstar mod for Titanfall 2 allows you to not only play on the official Electronic Arts servers, but with the enthusiastic community of the title, which seeks to create safer spaces free of cheaters and hackers. If you want to play Respawn’s FPS online, it is a very safe bet to install it.

Titanfall 2 rises from its ashes on Steam with overwhelming force and now is the best time to play it

This offer comes hand in hand with a lot of discounts that Steam has launched to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Until February 2, you will be able to get hold of this great game for a price that is almost impossible to ignore. Enjoy some of the best fights in today’s shooters thanks to this succulent offer!