Fired Microsoft workers experience a wave of industry solidarity as their former bosses are criticized

Microsoft is experiencing a complex situation. Although the purchase of Activision Blizzard by those from Redmond has grabbed headlines and has won the debate over any other aspect that revolved around the Americans, this week is being especially hard. Just one year after that historic agreement, Microsoft has announced the dismissal of 10,000 workers from its sections of technology Y gamingsomething that has led to a solidarity rarely sight from other development studies.

As Bloomberg commented yesterday, Microsoft would cut staff with up to 5% of your staff farewell. A movement that would not come cheap and that would imply an outlay of 1,200 million US dollars. Since then, the information has come out in a trickle, such as the studies that suffer from this bleeding. Apparently, and waiting for official confirmation, The Coalition, 343 Industries and Bethesda Game Studios have seen their staff cut to different levels.

In fact, it is 343i that has suffered the most, something that joins the departure of up to 3 important creatives in just 2 months. The Halo Infinite study was part of the first information about the staff cut, something that has generated a wave of solidarity from other studies such as Bungie.

It’s somewhat ironic that the previous team that worked on Halo until Reach went out to open arms those workers who have remained on the street. Workers accredited to the now associate of Sony Interactive Entertainment have assured that Bungie is looking for staff and they encourage to send the curriculum to enlarge the team.

It is not that we are talking about minor workers or temporary contracts, but that even people associated with Bungie in important positions have come to the aid of their colleagues. josh kulinskiDestiny Senior Designer, formerly associated with Warner Bros., He has even shared those states in the United States that offer remote or in-person work within Bungie.

Bungie is the company that has opened its arms the most to the bleeding of Microsoft workers in general, but they are by no means the only ones. matt coxdirector of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, also has shared the Gearbox Software studio’s willingness to hire more staffregardless of whether they are from Microsoft or not, but paying special attention to this situation.

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Even so, far from the wave of affection and understanding, the ear slaps have also come to Microsoft from within the industry itself. tyler owensApex Legends engineer at Respawn Entertainment He has commented on Microsoft’s abuse in hiring its new workers. Owens’ words are pretty sharp, accusing Redmond of hiring for tax breaks and firing despite studio profits and bonuses from higher-ups.

A situation that far from deflating, it is expected that it will increase in the coming days and weeks. Although this decision by Microsoft has been shared this week, it seems that the measures will be part of the bill for the second quarter, so we are talking about a something black period for those of Redmond.