It’s a game made in origami

Epic Games Store faces its third week of 2023 with only one free game, although the last gift came with a surprise title, so let’s not sing, victory? Be that as it may, the Americans commanded by Tim Sweeney do not fail another week and today they are giving away an adventure game very cute made in origami and with a girl and a giant fox as protagonists.

It is difficult that with this description, you find the title in question, and it is that this narrative adventure something went unnoticed last 2016, but it is so beautiful that for that alone it is worth making the “effort” to click to get it. This is none other than Epistory – Typing Chronicles, available from now on the Epic Games Store.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles will take us to a fantasy world with papercraft world design, but not limited to 2 dimensions. We are talking about a project from the heart in 3D scenarios with a more interesting feature than being made on paper: it is a typing game.

no mouse, we will enjoy the whole game with the keyboard; from the movements of our leading couple, the fighting or the tour of the menu. Although it may seem like a lazy design, it is extremely interesting and if you were wondering, the game is available for setting keyboard QWERTY and completely localized to spanish.

NVIDIA outdoes itself with the RTX 4060 Ti, which could be one of its most efficient graphics cards

So, Epistory – Typing Chronicles is available from today, January 19, until the next January 26 at 5:00 p.m.. To obtain it completely free, it is as easy as having an EGS account, accessing the game page that we have left you above, and clicking on Obtain to start the procedures.