“First 20,000 hours is fine”: He spends over 2 years of his life playing one of the best strategy games ever to reach this opinion – Civilization V

At the beginning of the week, we told you about a player capable of achieving a feat at the level of few other views in the industry. With the intention of getting a speed run 100% in Devil 3the well-known title of Activision Blizzard, a user has spent more than 2,000 hours on their milestone. However, said achievement pales in comparison to the more than 20,000 hours that another player has dedicated to one of the best strategy games in history: Civilization V.

Best story strategy games

Since the debut of Civilization V the September 21, 2010 Until today, little more than 108,000 hours. And, as can be seen in Simon’s Steam pagethe user who stars in this curious story, said player has passed 21,167 hours strategizing on the title. This, said in other words and with the calculator in hand, means that Simon has dedicated almost 2 and a half years of his last 12 years of life to play Civilization V. Without a doubt, a feat within the reach of very few players.

Civilization VI is now available on all systems

The surprising thing about this story is that in October 2016 hit the market Civilization VIthe continuation of the title of strategies to which Simon has dedicated more than 20,000 hours. Despite this, it seems that this player did not want to make the leap to the new installment and continued immersed in his games in the fifth part of Sid Meier’s saga. For this reason, after almost 2 and a half years of his life playing the same title, he shared a review on Steam in which he was as concise as he was ironic: “I guess your first 20,000 hours are fine…”.

Civilization V, the installment to which Simon dedicated more than 20,000 hours, has been available on PC for more than twelve years. Its sequel, Civilization VI, landed on the same system in 2016 and reached the rest of the platforms a few years later. If you want to know what we thought, we invite you to read the analysis of Civilization VI of 3DJuegos that we published when the title hit the market. In addition, you can also see what did we think of its version for PS4 and Xbox One and, in turn, its arrival on Nintendo Switch.

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