Will Hogwarts Legacy have Ray Tracing on PC? Warner Bros. confirms if it will be a “next generation” game or not

There are only 3 weeks left for the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy. The biggest project in the Harry Potter universe will land next Feb. 10 with everything expected to be a bombshell, although there are still doubts to keep an eye on. While some of them are reserved for launch, many we doubted if the RPG would have Ray Tracing or not, and finally Warner Bros. has unveiled the mystery.

Although the game shared its technical requirements on this platform months ago, there was no mention of a technology that is perceived as the flagship of the “next generation”. He had to go out official game support account has confirmed that, effectivelyHogwarts Legacy will have Ray Tracing on PC.

The response from the official account is far from diffuse, and in response to a player, it has been confirmed that Ray Tracing in Hogwarts Legacy will affect the shades, reflexes, ambient occlusion already the graphics settings. Although the data in question has not been revealed, it is to be expected that the upper cut, that configuration in Ultra, is focused on satisfying users who want to squeeze the game with Ray Tracing.

For now, no confirmation any of if these conjectures will end in nothing and if Warner Bros. plans to update your table requirements with a section dedicated to the game with Ray Tracing as other development teams are doing. Even so, the game works with Unreal Enginein a version to be determined, so although there are doubts, many players maintain faith in the study.

This week we can say that Hogwarts Legacy eats Steam as the best-selling game

Of course, not everything is “light and color” in what surrounds the game. The RPG has been taken with a strong boycott from the internet community because it makes use of the imagery of the controversial writer JK Rowling. In fact, the actor who voices the game’s male lead has apologized for not knowing about this issue before applying for the job.